Thursday, October 6, 2016


This is my first post of 1000's and my first blog of 100's dedicated to protecting composers of music against sleazy digital music companies like TuneCore. 

I would ask all musicians, singers, and songwriters to use social media to warn others about TuneCore and their criminal fraud. 

The Following is from Rip Off Report

Tunecore are a bunch of CROOKS! They never reply to emails, they'll charge your credit card without your permission. Even if you have six or more emails stating you no longer want any service. I have replies from Brian who does the email support bullshit. Still they'll run all over you. Don't base your judgement on this report, but check others complaint. You'll see for yourself! DONT BE SCAMMED INTO THEIR SERVICE!! 

TUNECORE.COM TUNECORE & Brian with email support SCAM FRAUD THIEVES CROOKS Brooklyn New York

Read more about TuneCore ripping of people by clicking TuneCore is a RipOff

If you have been a victim of one of Tune Core's scams you will probably have to pay them a visit because they'll jerk you around via email and they don't answer their phone. 
  • Phone: 646-651-1060

If you are in the New York metropolitan area you can find those crooks at the following address: 45 Main Street - Suite 705 - Brooklyn, NY. Bring lots of friends and video cameras and a police officer if you can find one.

Don't argue with them. Demand money for your damages, file small claims lawsuits against them. File the maximum amount  and let the judge know about TuneCore's track record of criminal activity. You will be awarded punitive damages.  This will lead to class action lawsuits and more criminal investigations. 

There is a Small Claims Court in every city, town and village in New York State. Tofile a claim you must fill out forms and provide the correct business name, legal name, and business address. To find the business legal name, a County Clerk's office can help you.

Guidance for Small Claims Court Actions - New York State Department ...

Contact the Office of the NYS Atty General

The New York State AG will start a criminal fraud case against TuneCore and the more complaints they have the bigger the fines and the longer the prison term will be against TuneCore employees complicit in this theft.

Eric Schneiderman is the New York State Attorney General and he's no bullshit kind of guy. He is also an elected official who takes complaints from NY residents very seriously and because he's a Democrat so he's not a servant of the corporate criminal elite. He would love to put Scott Ackerman and the rest of the suit at TuneCore in prison where they belong. 

If you are a TuneCore employee and you have evidence of criminal wrongdoing at TuneCore contact a whistleblower law firm to protect yourself from being thrown under the bus by the suits and to get a huge monetary reward for doing the right thing.


  1. He El, I just reblogged this and so have all 500 people in my network. The hurt on this crooks has begun!

  2. All if TuneCore's accounts were hacked.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Hound.

      I've been getting reports from many TuneCore losers who were victims of indentity theft because of this breach of security at TuneCore.

  3. Corporate gangs belong in hell!